Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas Lyrics

Cocoon For The Golden Future
2022 • Album

Get Back the Hope
Evolve Forward in Hazard
Shape of Trust
Ain't That So Awesome
One Shot, One Mind
Gas Will Blow You Away as Only Brakes is Boring
Trap by the Nervous
Luck Will Be There
New Sunrise
2017 • Album

Before I Fail
Power of Life and Death
To Catch the Right Way
Set Your Goal
Accept Each Other's Sense of Values
Feeling Of Unity
2015 • Album

Cast Your Shell
Meaning of Existence
Escape from the Loop
Party Boys
Ignite Your Frail Mind
The Demon Called Careless
Let Me Hear
Journey to Aim High
2014 • Album

Are You Ready to Blast Off?
Rave-up Tonight
Swing It!!
Virtue and Vice
Nail the Shit Down
Rain Inside Your Eyes
Flutter of Cherry Blossom
All That We Have Now
2012 • Album

Scream Hard as You Can
How Old You are Never Forget Your Dream
Just Awake
Defeat and Beat
In the End, the Choice is All Yours
Don't Suffer Alone
2011 • Album

Chase the Light!
Jump Around
The Answer for Unequal World
Believe Yourself
Short but Seems Long, Time of Our Life
Dance & Scream
2010 • Album

Burn the Disco Floor with Your “2-step”!!
Hey Girl!! Why Not Party Like a Bitch!?
Stray in Chaos
Love at First Sight
My Dear Lady, Will You Dance With Me Tonight?
Because You Are Here
Solitude X'mas
Beyond the End