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Too Mean To Die
2021 • Album

Zombie Apocalypse
Too Mean to Die
Overnight Sensation
No Ones Master
The Undertaker
Sucks to Be You
Symphony of Pain
The Best Is yet to Come
How Do We Sleep
Not My Problem
The Rise Of Chaos
2017 • Album

Worlds Colliding
Carry the Weight
Race to Extinction
Blind Rage
2014 • Album

Dying Breed
Trail of Tears
Wanna Be Free
200 Years
The Curse
Final Journey
Blood Of The Nations
2010 • Album

Beat the Bastards
Teutonic Terror
Shades of Death
Locked and Loaded
Kill the Pain
Rollin' Thunder
New World Comin'
No Shelter
1996 • Album

Hard Attack
Making Me Scream
Diggin' In the Dirt
Lay It Down
It Ain't Over Yet
Take Out the Time
Don't Give a Damn
Run Through the Night
Death Row
1994 • Album

Death Row
Sodom & Gomorra
The Beast Inside
Dead On!
Guns 'R' Us
Like a Loaded Gun
What Else
Stone Evil
Bad Habits Die Hard
Bad Religion
Generation Clash II
Writing On the Wall
Russian Roulette
1986 • Album

T.V. War
It's Hard to Find a Way
Restless And Wild
1982 • Album

Fast As a Shark
Neon Nights
Demon's Night