dan fogelberg Lyrics

Love In Time
2009 • Album

Love In Time
Come to the Harbor
Sometimes a Song
Full Circle
2003 • Album

Once In Love
Reach Haven Postcard
Earth Anthem
The First Christmas Morning
1999 • Album

This Endris Night
I Saw Three Ships
River Of Souls
1993 • Album

Magic Every Moment
The Minstrel
A Love Like This
The Wild Places
1990 • Album

The Wild Places
Song of the Sea
Anastasia's Eyes
Rhythm of the Rain
Ever On
1987 • Album

What You're Doing
Lonely In Love
Seeing You Again
She Don't Look Back
The Way It Must Be
Our Last Farewell
High Country Snows
1985 • Album

Sutter's Mill
Shallow Rivers
Go Down Easy
Wandering Shepherd
Think of What You've Done
Windows And Walls
1984 • Album

The Language of Love
Windows and Walls
Tucson, Arizona (Gazette)
Sweet Magnolia and the Travelling Salesman
Believe In Me
Gone Too Far
The Innocent Age
1981 • Album

The Innocent Age
In the Passage
Lost In the Sun
Run for the Roses
Leader of the Band / Washington Post March
Same Old Lang Syne
Stolen Moments
Only the Heart May Know
Times Like These
Hard to Say
Empty Cages
1980 • Album

Gypsy Wind
The Last to Know
Face the Fire
Wishing On the Moon
Heart Hotels
Beggar's Game
Along the Road
Nether Lands
1977 • Album

Nether Lands
Once Upon A Time
Dancing Shoes
Lessons Learned
Love Gone By
Promises Made
Give Me Some Time
Scarecrow's Dream
False Faces
Captured Angel
1975 • Album

Aspen / These Days
Comes and Goes
Captured Angel
Man In the Mirror / Below the Surface
The Last Nail
1974 • Album

Part of the Plan
Changing Horses
The Long Way
As the Raven Flies
Morning Sky
Someone's Been Telling You Stories
There's a Place In the World for a Gambler
Home Free
1972 • Album

To the Morning
Be On Your Way
Hickory Grove
Looking for a Lady
Anyway I Love You
The River