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The Algorithm
2023 • Album

The Drowning
Face Down
Burn Out the Sun
Crazy Eyes
2016 • Album

Mother E
Nothing in My Hands
The City of Blinding Riots
The Sun Comes Out Tonight
2013 • Album

We Hate It When You Get What You Want
It’s Got to Be Right Now
This Finger’s for You
Self Inflicted
First You Break It
Burn It
Take That Knife out of My Back
It’s My Time
The Trouble With Angels
2010 • Album

The Inevitable Relapse
Drug Boy
Absentee Father
No Love
No Re-Entry
Down With Me
Catch a Falling Knife
The Trouble With Angels
Fades Like a Photograph (Dead Angel)
The Amalgamut
2002 • Album

You Walk Away
American Cliche
Where Do We Go From Here
The Missing
The Only Way Is The Wrong Way
My Long Walk To Jail
So I Quit
God Damn Me
It Can Never Be The Same
World Today
Title Of Record
1999 • Album

Captain Bligh
It's Gonna Kill Me
The Best Things
Take A Picture
I Will Lead You
Short Bus
1995 • Album

Hey Man, Nice Shot
Take Another
Stuck In Here
It's Over
White Like That
Consider This
So Cool