Five Finger Death Punch Lyrics

And Justice For None
2018 • Album

Top of the World
Sham Pain
Blue on Black
I Refuse
It Doesn't Matter
When the Seasons Change
Stuck in My Ways
Gone Away
Will the Sun Ever Rise
Got Your Six
2015 • Album

Got Your Six
Jekyll and Hyde
Wash It All Away
Ain't My Last Dance
My Nemesis
No Sudden Movement
Question Everything
Hell to Pay
Digging My Own Grave
Meet My Maker
Boots and Blood
American Capitalist
2011 • Album

American Capitalist
Under and Over It
The Pride
Coming Down
Generation Dead
Back for More
Remember Everything
Wicked Ways
If I Fall
100 Ways to Hate
The Tragic Truth
War Is The Answer
2009 • Album

Dying Breed
Hard To See
No One Gets Left Behind
Crossing Over
Burn It Down
Far From Home
Falling In Hate
Walk Away
Bad Company
War Is the Answer
Walk Away (Live)