nina simone Lyrics

Fodder On My Wings
1982 • Album

I Sing Just to Know That I'm Alive
Fodder in Her Wings
Vous etes seuls, mais je désire etre avec vous
Liberian Calypso
Alone Again Naturally
I Was Just A Stupid Dog to Them
Color Is A Beautiful Thing
They Took My Hand
1978 • Album

Everything Must Change
The Family
My Father
Music for Lovers
Rich Girl
That's All I Want from You
Balm In Gilead
If You Pray Right
To Love Somebody
1969 • Album

Revolution, Pt. 1
I Shall Be Released
Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
The Times They Are A-Changin'
High Priestess Of Soul
1967 • Album

Don't You Pay Them No Mind
I'm Gonna Leave You
Brown Eyed Handsome Man
Take Me To the Water
I'm Going Back Home
Come Ye
Work Song
Let It All Out
1966 • Album

The Other Woman
Love Me or Leave Me
Don't Explain
For Myself
Wild Is The Wind
1966 • Album

Four Women
If I Should Lose You
I Put A Spell On You
1965 • Album

I Put a Spell On You
Ne Me Quitte Pas
Marriage Is For Old Folks
July Tree
Gimme Some
Feeling Good
You've Got to Learn
Take Care of Business