Rhapsody Of Fire Lyrics

Glory For Salvation
2021 • Album

Son of Vengeance
The Kingdom of Ice
Glory for Salvation
Eternal Snow
Terial the Hawk
Maid of the Secret Sand
Infinitae Gloriae
Magic Signs
Chains of Destiny
La Esencia de un Rey
The Eighth Mountain
2019 • Album

Seven Heroic Deeds
Master of Peace
Rain of Fury
White Wizard
Warrior Heart
The Courage to Forgive
March Against the Tyrant
Clash of Times
The Legend Goes On
The Wind, the Rain and the Moon
Tales of a Hero's Fate
Into The Legend
2016 • Album

In Principio
Distant Sky
Into the Legend
Winter's Rain
A Voice in the Cold Wind
Valley of Shadows
Shining Star
Realms of Light
Rage of Darkness
The Kiss of Life
Dark Wings Of Steel
2013 • Album

Vis Divina
Rising from Tragic Flames
Angel of Light
Tears of Pain
Fly to Crystal Skies
My Sacrifice
Silver Lake of Tears
Custode Di Pace
A Tale of Magic
Dark Wings of Steel
Sad Mystic Moon
From Chaos To Eternity
2011 • Album

Ad Infinitum
From Chaos to Eternity
Tempesta Di Fuoco
Anima Perduta
Aeons of Raging Darkness
I Belong to the Stars
Flash of the Blade
The Frozen Tears Of Angels
2010 • Album

Dark Frozen World
Sea of Fate
Reign of Terror
Danza Di Fuoco E Ghiaccio
Raging Starfire
Lost in Cold Dreams
On the Way to Ainor
The Frozen Tears of Angels
Sea of Fate (Orchestral Version)
Triumph Or Agony
2006 • Album

Heart of the Darklands
Old Age of Wonders
The Myth of the Holy Sword
Il Canto Del Vento
Silent Dream
Bloody Red Dungeons
The Mystic Prophecy of the Demonknight
Dark Reign of Fire: Winter Dawn's Theme
Defenders of Gaia