the divine comedy Lyrics

A Desperate Man
A Drinking Song
A Seafood Song
Absolutely Obsolete
After the Lord Mayor's Show
Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious World
Assume the Perpendicular
At the Indie Disco
Bad Ambassador
Bang Goes the Knighthood
Becoming More Like Alfie
Can You Stand Upon One Leg
Catherine the Great
Commuter Love
Count Grassi's Passage Over Piedmont
Dark Days Are Here Again
Diva Lady
Down In the Street Below
Dumb It Down
Eric the Gardener
Everybody Knows (Except You)
Eye of the Needle
Festive Road
Freedom Road
Funny Peculiar
Generation Sex
Going Downhill Fast
Have You Ever Been In Love
Here Comes the Flood
I Joined the Foreign Legion (To Forget)
I Like
In Pursuit of Happiness
Island Life
Leaving Today
Lost Property
Love What You Do
Middle-Class Heroes
My Imaginary Friend
Napoleon Complex
National Express
Neptune's Daughter
Norman and Norma
Note to Self
Office Politics
Opportunity' Knox
Other People
Perfect Lovesong
Queen of the South
Snowball In Negative
Something for the Weekend
Songs of Love
Sticks and Stones
The Beauty Regime
The Booklovers
The Complete Banker
The Dogs & the Horses
The Frog Princess
The Happy Goth
The Life and Soul of the Party
The Light of Day
The Lost Art of Conversation
The One Who Loves You
The Pact
The Plough
The Summerhouse
The Wreck of the Beautiful
Three Sisters
Through a Long & Sleepless Night
Tonight We Fly
Victoria Falls
When a Man Cries
When the Lights Go Out All Over Europe
When the Working Day Is Done
You'll Never Work in This Town Again