tower of power Lyrics

Step Up
2020 • Album

East Bay! All the Way!
Step Up
The Story of You and I
Who Would Have Thought?
Addicted to You
Look in My Eyes
Beyond My Wildest Dreams
Soul Side Of Town
2018 • Album

Can't Stop Thinking About You
Great American Soulbook
2009 • Album

You Met Your Match
Me & Mrs. Jones
Heaven Must Be Missing an Angel
Oakland Zone
2003 • Album

Oakland Zone
Rhythm & Business
1997 • Album

Crazy for You
Unconditional Love
Souled Out
1995 • Album

Do You Wanna (Make Love to Me)
Diggin' On James Brown
Once You Get a Taste
1993 • Album

Soul With a Capital 'S'
Come to a Decision
Mama Lied
I Like Your Style
Monster On A Leash
1991 • Album

Attitude Dance
You Can't Fall Up (You Just Fall Down)
Funk The Dumb Stuff
Urban Renewal
1975 • Album

Only So Much Oil In the Ground
It's Not the Crime
Willing to Learn
In The Slot
1975 • Album

Drop It In the Slot
Back To Oakland
1974 • Album

Oakland Stroke
Don't Change Horses (In the Middle of a Stream)
Time Will Tell
Man from the Past
Tower Of Power
1973 • Album

This Time It's Real
Will I Ever Find a Love?
So Very Hard to Go
Soul Vaccination
Bump City
1972 • Album

Down to the Nightclub
East Bay Grease
1970 • Album

Back On the Streets Again