I tell 'em stop bullshittin' on a real nigga
Civil upbringing but you pushing me to kill niggas
Tylenol with that codeine, ho that be my peer pressure
Still a pretty bitch I do my dreads at the hair dresser
Yeah that life im still bout it, smang yo bitch then im out it
Still sippin' on that drowsy and that Range still cloudy huh
Fuck boys ain't even allowed around me huh
Im just sayin' you niggas ain't even much a challenge nah
Im talkin' bout these drugs more than I used to
And I got a little more confidence than usual
My bitch look like a black Barbie, nigga im a Ken doll
Breath smellin' like filet mignon and menthols
Prometh blunts on my plate full of regrets
Porcelain suicide girl posing like Alysha Nett
I purgator on a slore after im on top of her
With jazz playing in the back like Cinemax erotica
All my hoes got accents like they from The Tudors
And I dont wear Supreme cause im trynna be like Odd Future
So get a even burn on that blizzy and dont skip me
All my bitches double call em Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny

Now is you bout it?
Then be about it, bout it
I wish all you niggas flex but I doubt it, doubt it
Blame my age group if im being childish, childish
Now blow my load in yo bitch mouth and I bet she down it, down it
I'm clownin' but my fans like it
These hoes mad cause I keep who im fuckin' private
Got a price up on your head then bitch I buy it, buy it
Got some money on your head then bitch I buy it, buy it

Got oriential sippin bubble tea and eating Hi-Chew
An Ash Ketchum snapback, super potion and a Raichu
50 floors up in a loft with bad intentions
Half naked on the balcony screaming out presence
Lil bitch

Bout it Bout it, all my niggas we bout it bout it
Yeah, we bout it bout it, all my niggas stay bout it bout it
We bout it bout it, all my niggas be bout it bout it
Bout it bout it, so the fuck you talking bout bitch
Yeah yeah, sure sure sure (Where your bitches at?)
Bout it all my niggas be bout it bout it

And I get 250 off a zip, Billy loading up the clip
Copped them red monkeys from my blood, and that nigga off blues, used to bang crip
And you fronting me some sticks, and some straws so I can sip
And them bricks, but a week after I had them pigs run through my crib
Learned that love ain't what it used to be
And niggas talk about what they ain't about
And that white girls are like superheroes
And ain't shit safe in a safe house
I may pour you some nugs out my bag
Or hand you a loosey out of my pack
But it's still savage life so a restaurant, still fold my napkin into my lap
I'm with my girl at an opera, sipping out of a flask
Embarrassed her ass cuz a nigga made it rain from the stands
Lay that towel on the sand
And she won't let me finger fuck her on her period
Like I never had blood on my hands, bitch
And I bet you niggas is still serving tree, not me
My trap holding some ovcons, some ecstasies, and some oxys
Yeah, that ovo and that xo
Play the weeknd while I write false checks
But we roll that dragon fruit
And breathing in the pussy hair on Venus X

Now is you bout it bout it
South Florida get rowdy rowdy
Shouts out if you got it got it
Pour me up and I down it down it
Hard to pronounce it nouce it
With these golds in my mouth nigga
Heard you got some gold up on yo head, yeah you meowth nigga
Yeah, is you bout it bout it All my niggas be bout it bout
So the fuck you hollering bout bitch
Heard your bitch about it bout it
Whip out and she ride it ride it
Yeah, she gon ride it ride it
So is you bout it?
Yeah is you bout it? What you talking bout bitch?
Yeah is you bout it?
Is you bout it?

I be that pretty motherfucker
Down south what I'm repping
And that's born and raised
I ain't repping it cuz I like the music from all them niggas
I'm dressed in actual pain, pulling 187's
My bitch bumping Blu Cantrell
I say I'm oriental in a red kimono
Trying to help me get my blue belt (CORAL SPRINGS)
And I ain't trying to catch your fuck nigga syndrome
Drank so much cough syrup, built up my immune system
I sold my IS for half a dime to this little nigga
And copped some paul bearers like the undertaker in 95 lil nigga
Yeah, golden rubbers in your denim pockets
But I got fat stacks stuffed in the pockets of these chinos
My emo bitch copped that hot topic fishnet in euros
Cop both pancakes then I drown em out with all that syrup
And I'm playing Nas with a Nazz,
And I'm holding something so nigga don't tempt me
Black skully like Double D, hitting licks like Ed Edd N' Eddy
I'm spirited away off this blunt, with a princess mononoke
And you broke niggas got your hands out, like no face