Now that's love to my bottom bitch, kisses to my new hoes
Pour 'em up Dirty Sprite, tell 'em that it's Nuvo
Just tryna get 'em to loosen up that tight end
But funny how I'm tryna tighten up loose ends
Two sets of loosies, blow down one half
Other half blow me down put back to mattress
I Love Lucy double standard, past tense
Thinkin' 'bout pussy, money, and a math test
What you thought, I'm in my 20s and shit?
Working 5 to 10 to make it rain 20s and shit?
But I still keep Emilia Clarke fixin' me dinner
And she wear that halo like she came from King Yemma like...

Trill, young nigga and you know I want the finest shit
Wear the finest threads, fuck the finest bitch
(Playin' in my hair, say she gon' think of baggin' me)
(She wan' twist it, but I let it lock naturally)
Man, I told you last time, I'm too pretty to fucks wit'cha
Why you think Ashley went and dipped on a nigga, huh?
(Bitch, I'm the finest, Cadie co-signed it)
(10K for my grill, gold, no diamonds)

I'm shinin', gleaming
I'm yo' ho favorite shit, next to semen
You can't see me
Bitch, I'm puffing peyote out on the tipi
Counting Slumdog millis
Got Latika on her kneezy
Be easy
Saggin' and my drawers showin'
You like Rick Ross? Well bitch, I like Rick Owens
Say it cause you ain't noticed
How casual my dressed clothes is
Or those same pants that I keep my bread stowed in
You more observant, tell me why yo' man looking tough?
We just some well dressed goons, don't get your head bust
Don't get it fucked up and don't get your bread touched
Make you catch a fade 'fo your girl lick my head up
I'm movin' weight through the city, call me Luke Shapiro
Looking for a hipster girl in a size zero
Only like her Vans dirty cause its in this season
With her pants ripped like Goku after Frieza
I got one that ain't dropped to get her Eagle on yet
Grey Goose for my Black Swan doing the pirouette
Double cup of Moët (Presents) gotta' overpower her
Markin' triple-x's all on my Supreme calendar
Now thats 2 girls, and a double cup
You boys fuckin' up
Tuesday Through Sunday, cuz
Straight like that Presents if you run with me
OBP, fuck wit' me, stop fuckin' wit' me

I'm the finest, Cadie co-signed it
10K for my real gold, no diamonds
I'm the finest, I'm the finest
Finer than my bitch
Man, I'm finer than my finest
I'm the finest, finer than my finest
Muhfucker what I tell you, err'time it's
OBP and them niggas still the finest
Bitch call me "My Highness"
Unh, pussy...
Sure, sure...
Yeah, said I'm the finest...
Pretty, young nigga and I'm finer than my diamonds...
Said I'm finer than my finest...
Say what.?
Said I'm the finest...
What, what, what, what.?

She want something more than just us
Moaning that loud ain't doing me no justice
Written all on your face, I see that you lost one
Page through my rhyme book, see that I fucked up
Touch slow, fuck fast
But your first thought was you and I wouldn't even last
Same nigga from the ave, same nigga that never cared
To get bitches high just so they could play in my hair
Lil' bitch