Get It How You Live

Robb Bank$

(Happy, happier)

I'm back up in this thing with your bitch all on my dick
From Tuesday through Sunday I'm running through your crib
Cut the veins off that tree right and smoke it to a clip
Skinny nigga shit, I keep that gold up in your bitch
Pussy niggas catch a bad one, your mixtape only good to ash on
And you still trynna figure out my 4th bar?
Fuck nigga, it's a Magnum
A deal, I still don't got that
My ex is still on call back
And shit just gon' get worse, so I whip that hearse and my bitch wear all black
It's a difference
And niggas still don't know that behind the scenes, on the mouth that they be kissing
They ain't finna tell you what they 'bout to get into
Bitch 'bout to leave for college come winter, so
Tell me where I fit in
VIP parties, ones you can't get in
The way her new man's staring at my new bitches
Counting all this new money, singing 'bout these old women (sure)
I mean everything except the last part
Took the pain away and shit I probably wouldn't ask for it
I'm long gone when niggas need someone to turn to
All my freetime goes to a Lily Thai (?), it acts just like a Squirtle
Might as well cop the pack from the way that I'm coppin' loosies
And she hold the pop kiss like the end of a Disney movie
And I'm casting for a porno where the actors don't charge me
My protagonist's a Misty looking bitch, screaming "star me!"
I let her catch my pokeballs, but if she didn't notice me
I still got shones wanting to be Misty to my Togepi
Now tell me how much flashbacks your ass just got
I bet you feel violated like I blew up your spot
You see I know your every thought, you a simple ass nigga
And that's real you lil' bitch, I can't get no cash with you
I cure my cottonmouth with that prometh and codeine
And when I'm with my goon friends just act like you don't know me
That paisely pullover, hood on, like I stole it
I got 1 beer, and 2 loosies, I promise that I'm golden
Is it wrong that my old shit sound like today's new shit?
I done rapped about my hair and my clothes, that shit stupid
I done rapped and lived about all that you ever dreamt it nigga
And only 17 years, so who's better nigga?
I'm y'all's evolved form, but you act like you don't wan' believe that shit
Scraight like that, first paycheck, first thing I copped was 2 sets of 6
Never been too persuasive, exes leave and needin' replacements
And if you fuck niggas is listening, I'm begging you don't say shit
'Fore you make a nigga mask up like you contagious
Or like we starring in Contagion, nigga


And all these hoes want boyfriends, when the last thing I need is more ties
Got no more time to myself, living all these seperate lives
I take a side and let the smoke out and the air waves
I'm with a red bone, on an airplane
And all of this was daydreams, but I took my mental health day
And I'm smoking in front of children, loitering in front of your building
With your girl, 8 inches deep
Missionary, (praying) hoping I feel shit
Lately I'm starting to question myself, like she wasn't in the wrong to just up and leave me
But this song ain't for her, I ain't gon' give her that pleasure
I wonder if her new nigga giving her any pleasure
It's whether the world gon' listen to a nigga right now or later
'Till then, I got a bitch that's like my creative player
And she live out in Jamaica boy, that's my lil' thing
She put that lime in the coconut, prometh in a ting (?)
And I'm all off instincts, no thinking, just acting
Prolly why she like me, aspiring to be an actress
Boy, I had went through them chapters, now that shit is done
I'm buying houses, ask that realtor if I could pay her in gum
Knock the cherry out the blunt, right before I clip it
Slice the cherry in your bitch, I roll a bliz and then I'm dippin'
I been bumping too much of that rubberband business
If I said it, then I meant it
OBP until the ending, bitch
Yea if I said it then I meant it nigga, OBP until the ending nigga
If I said it then I meant it bitch, sure sure sure. sure

(S.S in this shit, I fuck your bitch, all my niggas get it how we live
Run through your crib, I'll take your grip, mo'fucka get it how you live)

Yea, get it how you live
Get it how you live
Fuck nigga, get it how you live
Get it how you live

(Skinny young nigga and I'm finer than my bitch
I'm in the bathroom of your condo, not wiping after I piss, bitch)

After I piss, bitch
All on my dick, bitch
Yea, not wiping after I piss, bitch
I leave your crib, and your bitch still all on my dick, bitch